According to the report, The global Agricultural Ventilation Market in 2019 was approximately USD 580 Million. The market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 11% and is anticipated to reach around USD 1,210 Billion by 2026.

Agricultural Ventilation helps in keeping a constant flow of air in any indoor agricultural structure where it has been placed. It helps in keeping the crops and the agricultural animal healthy by constantly bringing the fresh air inside the structure. This also helps in controlling the temperature, concentration of carbon dioxide, and humidity inside the structure keeping the crops away from pest and fungus. Controlling the moisture also helps in keeping the cattle healthy and thus increasing dairy production.

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The agricultural ventilation market is in huge demand in indoor farming owing to the changing climatic conditions across the globe. People prefer converting their farms into greenhouses and then install the ventilation systems to provide the necessary climatic inside the greenhouse by controlling the inside atmosphere for better growth of the plants. This market is also in huge demand in the countries with low water levels or has dry climatic. People prefer to have vertical farming where they conserve the water used for crop cultivation and regulate the temperature of the room to optimize the growth and nutrient quality of the crops growing inside. The growing demand for exotic fruits, flowers, and vegetables have also helped in their cultivation in such regions where the favorable climatic conditions required are created artificially using these agricultural ventilation systems. Owing to the less availability of open space for cattle grazing, farmers nowadays prefer keeping the cattle indoors with good ventilation and provide them with fodder necessary for their growth. The use of agricultural ventilation for necessary food and vegetable storage is also driving the market growth. However, high capital investments along with high operational and maintenance costs may hamper market growth. Nevertheless, the growing R&D activities in developing affordable and lightweight agricultural ventilation systems provide lucrative opportunities for the market in the coming years.

The greenhouse type among the various applications is predicted to dominate the market owing to the rising demand and investments for vertical and indoor farming for the cultivation of fruits and vegetables. The exhaust fan type is expected to dominate the market as compared with other types available.

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The region of Asia Pacific is projected to dominate the market as many countries of this region have agriculture as their major income source. The continuous rising population along with the rising demand for organic food has resulted in the construction of greenhouses and vertical farms for the production of crops. The rising awareness about the benefits of vertical farming owing to the less availability of fertile land is also projected to fuel the market growth.

Some of the essential players operating in the Agricultural Ventilation market, but not restricted to include Munters, Greenheck, Pericoli, ebm-papst, Galebreaker Industrial, Schust Mexico, Mecalor, and Others.

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