According to the report, The global nonwoven personal protective equipment (PPE) market in 2019 was approximately USD 5,502.2 Million. The market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 12.4% and is anticipated to reach around USD 12,799.3 Million by 2026.

Nonwoven personal protective equipments (PPEs) are designed to protect worker’s health by minimizing interaction to a biological agent. The non-woven personal protective equipments comprise goggles, masks, face-shield, gloves, coverall/gowns, head cover and shoe cover.

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The nonwoven personal protective equipment (PPE) market research report delivers an acute valuation and taxonomy of the nonwoven personal protective equipment (PPE) industry by practically splitting the market on the basis of different types, applications, and regions. Through the analysis of the historical and projected trends, all the segments and sub-segments were evaluated through the bottom-up approach, and different market sizes have been projected for FY 2020 to FY 2026. The regional segmentation of the nonwoven personal protective equipment (PPE) industry includes the complete classification of all the major continents including North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and the Middle East & Africa. Further, country-wise data for the nonwoven personal protective equipment (PPE) industry is provided for the leading economies of the world.

The nonwoven personal protective equipment (PPE) market is segmented based on offering, end-user, and distribution channels. On the basis of offering segmentation, the market is classified into masks, body protection suit/gown, hand protection, feet protection, and others. In terms of end-user segmentation, the market is bifurcated into the manufacturing industry, hospital and care facilities, construction & maintenance, chemical industry, food processing & food safety, and others. Based on distribution channel segmentation, the market is categorized into online, and offline.

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Some of the essential players operating in the Nonwoven Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) market, but not restricted to include Duflot industrie, DuPont, Disposable Sword Group, Huntsman International LLC., Noval, Fullstar Non-woven Products Co.,Ltd., Hadtex, Uvex Group, Valutech Ltd, and Norafin Industries (Germany) GmbH amongst others.

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