The global 4,4’-Dichlorodiphenyl Sulfone (DCDPS) Market in 2019 was approximately USD 215 million. The market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 6% and is anticipated to reach around USD 325 million by 2026.

4,4′-dichlorodiphenyl sulfones (DCDPS), also recognized as a sulfone, is mainly used in production of rigid polymers and temperature-resistant polymers. In many industries such as medical, aerospace, automotive, etc., sulfone is used as replacements for glass and metals. 4,4′-dichlorodiphenyl sulfone is obtained from sulfonation of chlorobenzene, a colorless and flammable liquid, with sulfuric acid. The reaction is carried out in presence of different additives or catalysts.

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The 4,4’-dichlorodiphenyl sulfone (DCDPS) market is segmented based on grade types, applications, and region. On the basis of grade type, the market is classified into industrial grade and pharma grade. In terms of application segmentation, the market is bifurcated into polyetheretherketone (peek), polysulfone resin, and medicines.

The report study further includes an in-depth analysis of industry players’ market shares and provides an overview of leading players’ market position in the 4,4’-dichlorodiphenyl sulfone (DCDPS) sector. Key strategic developments in the 4,4’-dichlorodiphenyl sulfone (DCDPS) market competitive landscape such as acquisitions & mergers, inaugurations of different products and services, partnerships & joint ventures, MoU agreements, VC & funding activities, R&D activities, and geographic expansion among other noteworthy activities by key players of the 4,4’-dichlorodiphenyl sulfone (DCDPS) market are appropriately highlighted in the report.

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Top Market Players

Some of the essential players operating in the 4,4’-dichlorodiphenyl sulfone (DCDPS) market, but not restricted to include BASF, Sumitomo, Solvay, Vapi Products Industries, Vertellus, Hebei Jianxin Chemical, BanChem Group, Jiangxi Jinhai, Hebei Xulong Chemical, among others.