Facebook has recently taken up the decision of letting Oculus Medium—a 3D virtual reality sculpting tool—be handed over to Adobe. The current decision has been taken after measuring all the pros and cons as Facebook has plans to start an in-house virtual reality project. The idea of letting Oculus go is definitely going to pinch the social media giant. Over the years, Oculus has been investing an awful lot of money into Medium and still the sales of the Oculus Medium team have not been great. The price tag is being considered to be the basic concern for the fairly niche software. For now, the terms and conditions of the deal are not public. It is unclear whether Adobe has a jackpot or a plummeting deal.

Facebook went to the extent of spinning out Medium only after thorough market analysis. The time Facebook had announced about shutting down Oculus Story Studio, the company had inaudibly laid off its employees. Only a small part of the community is found to like Medium and thus, handing over to Adobe makes sense as the first-party integration is undoubtedly going to make the software better. The idea of Oculus Medium let to live through another medium is definitely a good call. At present, the purchase of Beat Saber-maker Beat Games is found to outdo the sales of Medium and also the VR content strategy of Oculus. Facebook is not planning on investing in non-gaming creative tools and cinematic VR content but instead, they are planning on purchasing more game studios to escalate their sales.

Similarly, Facebook is again in the hot soup after it has tens of thousands of political ads missing from its archive just before people were about to cast their votes for the most important UK elections. But, the social media giant has confirmed that they have fixed the UK database and have put back the ads in the archive. Facebook is working toward making all the user data safe and sound.