From the next year, more of the products manufactured and supplied worldwide by the Chinese tech giant Huawei Technologies might be operating through Harmony OS, a Huawei representative stated this week. However, the company hasn’t thought of releasing Harmony OS to its renowned gadgets including smartphones, tablets, and PCs, the spokesperson specified.

Shenzhen-headquartered news firm was the first to report Huawei’s plan on incorporating its OS. Wang Chenglu, one of the top-most employees at Huawei, announced regarding Huawei’s plan at a store event. Around four months back, Huawei came up with its trademarked OS as an alternative to Google’s Android OS, owing to the trade restrictions imposed by the US on the firm. Huawei was not allowed to access the technology designed by US firms.

While announcing the launch of more Harmony OS-based products next year at the store event, Wang repeatedly said that the company’s smartphones would be supported by Google’s Android.

On a similar note, throughout the immense trade war between the globally two strongest economies, the US and China, both the nations have started imposing tariffs on foreign shipments and continued banning hardware & technologies designed by the companies headquartered in the opposing nation. Now, China’s Beijing has ordered all public institutes and government bodies to exterminate Western computer gear, according to the Financial Times reports. The report also highlighted that China would focus for the next three years in replacing the US-built hardware and software with local alternatives.

This initiative would not only impede the economic growth of the contender but also push domestic technology utilization among the natives. Even Russia is following this approach to enhance domestic technology. China is setting restrictions on Internet services as well for effective data privacy. However, such initiatives by China are likely to hit the leading tech companies including Dell, Microsoft, Apple, and HP, among others.