A robot car designed to work as a waiter and ferry plates and glasses to and from the dining tables in restaurants has been unveiled at the CES tech exhibition. The event is being held in Las Vegas.

The robo-cat has been designed by Chinese tech firm Pudu Tech. The name of the robo-cat is Bellabot. It is on among the many robotic inventions being showcased in this year’s event. Along with Bellabot, there is also UBTech’s Walker which can do yoga poses and Charmin’s Rollbot that can that can roll off a toilet tissue paper and provide it to the bathrooms when demanded.

Experts are amazed to see the wide variety of robotics and AI inventions at this year’s event and expect that robots will perform a wide variety of functions for us in the near future.

Bellabot performs the duties of a waiter and has been upgraded from its previous model which was more utilitarian in design and function. It also features a cat face with animations and also greets the customers by saying ‘meow’.

It also reacts with pleasure when the customers gently stroke Bellabot’s ears.  It also responds saying that “the owner’s had is so warm”.

And if the customers patted its back for too long it will change its expression and says it gets irritated and asks the customers to interrupt its job.

Pudu Tech sees that there is a tremendous opportunity for robots in restaurants across China because most of the restaurants are not able to hire sufficient men. The previous model is already in use in more than 2000 different restaurants across the world.

But tech expert Paolo Pescatore says that it will get harder for Bellabot to navigate through the restaurant during the busy hours. But he also sees that restaurants in the near future will have more robots to perform the different functions.