The signs of Trump, graffiti of Pepe the Frog and American and British flags were in sight commonly at the anti-government protests which have been going on in Hong Kong and have become something that has been unsettling for the democracy activists who are left-winged.

Beijing has found these images as an opportunity for portraying the movement has one which has been incited and has affiliations to its enemies and done for the rebelling against the biggest communist country in the world.

The state broadcaster has asked why the flag appears on the scenes in Hong Kong.

A lot of the hardcore protestors in Hong Kong are the construction workers who are working class and the hairstylists who are battling the government who is dominated by the interests in business and the tycoons of real estate. Some of the protestors are waving thee flags to get attention of the world who they want to come and support them in the protests.

However, the followers who are affiliated to Horace Chin who is a far-right activist have been joining the groups that run the protests and draw the glare of the cameras who use big banners that request the President Trump to help them in the liberation of Hong Kong.

For the liberals Chin has been viewed as the pariah who is trying to hijack these demonstrations.

The leftist collective who are seeking to build the solidarity with the protests say that it is an attempt to drive a wedge between them and the people of China in this manner.

The protestors had in the year 2014 vowed to not be divided internally and be under the umbrella of a pro-democracy movement.