Ohio is not going to be following a new option federally allowing the states for extending of unemployment insurance for the workers who are losing pay due to the novel coronavirus however they are usually not eligible for the benefits. These are in a lot of cases the low-wage workers who have no sick days or paid leaves for their cover in case they get exposed to the coronavirus or in case the employer shuts down due to the loss of business to this outbreak. These also include the restaurant workers, as they may lose many hours with many of the public events which are cancelled in the effort of slowing the COVID spread or the home aid health which needs for being quarantined.

On this Thursday, the labor department had been giving the states flexibility for the administering of unemployment insurance as a response to the pandemic of coronavirus. As of now, the department of Job and the Family services had been passing the offer on.

They have been and are going to continue the assessment of impact that coronavirus is going to be on the operations all over the agency including the unemployment as per plain dealer. This is clearly a situation which is evolving therefore the guidance is also going to evolve.

This guidance is covering many scenarios including the employees which are quarantined have been expected to be returning to work post the quarantine being over. The workers who are facing are shut down in the private sector might have to be without the salaries. The ones in the public sector are going to be getting their guaranteed pay instead.