There is a major mismatch when it comes to the overall supply and demand and has asked everyone to alleviate the financial strains of every person.

What has been driving the news is the CEO of Uber, Dara Khosrowshahi who has told his investors that the business of ride hailing where it is an international giant had seen a drop by as much as 60-70 % in the region of Seattle in the year so far in comparison to the same period in the year 2019. Earlier in the month, Uber had said that it is going to be compensating its drivers for close to 14 days in case they are diagnosed with the Coronavirus or if they ask for self-isolation or quarantine since they do not have the paid time off as they are considered to be independent contractors. There are similar compensations which are offered by Lyft, Instacart and a few others.

This has left many of the drivers very worried and also extremely frustrated as they are going to have to work for the generation of income and fulfill the demand for consumers in spite of being at a risk of getting infected by these passengers. Lyft has announced that it is going to be offering the on-demand delivery of the medical supplies and the meals to seniors for providing a lot more work for these drivers. This is because the transactions are contract less and they will be safer somehow

There are other firms which are making similar attempts to balance their act as they see a surge in the demand as people are staying home and away from any restaurants or other places.