Netflix has said that the streaming giant is going to deploy a way of reducing its traffic on the networks particularly in Spain and Italy by 25% on this Saturday has said that it is going to be doing the same in the other areas of Europe in the coming two days. Netflix is going to be removing the highest stream of bandwidth in the resolution categories for the coming one month in Europe where the users are going to be experiencing a little decrease in the video quality within every category.

The company has said that the goal is simple for maintaining quality of service for the members while they have been supporting the ISPs who have been facing the strain on networks which is not seen before as the company has been saying so.

Netflix has said that it is going to be adhering to the normal procedures for the other networks unless and until they experience their own issues.

The largest service for media streaming in the world has been on Thursday saying that it is going to be reducing the bit rates all over the streams in the regions of Europe and in effect curtailing the traffic on the networks in Europe by 25% for the preservation of smoother functioning of the internet in the times of the coronavirus crisis.

While the partners in region of Latin America are trying to reduce their bandwidth, the others want to go on with business as usual. Netflix has said this as they have close to 42 million subscribers in the region of Africa, Middle East and Europe for the first quarter of the year 2019.